Scholar Practitioner Project Public Health (ADVANCED ANALYSIS OF SECONDARY DATA SPSS)

Due 1/18/2020  8 p.m EST

Be on time & Original & Grad Level Work

Please read directions CAREFULLY



Project: Scholar Practitioner Project

This week, you submit the next portion of your Scholar Practitioner Project. Use the techniques of data manipulation such as merging, transposing data, and creating new variables. Create a database that can be used to answer your proposed research questions completely. Please remember to incorporate your Instructors feedback from your data analysis plan before you submit your database.

For this Assignment, use your selected data set for your Scholar Practitioner Project and enter it into your SPSS program. You may manipulate the data in Excel and then convert them to a format for your statistical software needs.

Apply techniques of data manipulation to prepare analysis data to answer your research question. RESEARCH QUESTION (Are people living in poverty more likely affected by obesity?)

Define the variable names and categories.

Submit your prepared database.

Note from Professor

For last week and this week, students will be required to submit the SPSS databases for review.  The databases need to be in .sav format for me to be able to bring up on my SPSS software.  It will also be necessary to have files in a zip folder when submitting into the assignment section due to the size of the documents.  If no databases are submitted there will be a grade of 0 since the assignment requires the database(s) to be reviewed.  


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