Science Natural Selection

The learning of evolution is aimed at explaining the inception of the universe and all that is in it. It helps the students to explain how organisms came to be the way they are today. It is worth noting that for so long scientific proof that would go against the religious and biblical explanation of creation was very rare. The theory of evolution came in to fill this gap regarding the history of life and the students learn to interpret observations and to make predictions regarding the contemporary world out of this theory.

Being a process of the continuous change of the inherited traits belonging to the entire family in consecutive generations, evolution answers the biological question of ‘why’ through such processes as the natural selection, genetic drift and adaptations among others. The details of these facts addresses the questions that arises after observing living organisms on the universe. Such processes as the natural selection and other theories presented by evolutionary biologists gives a clear picture of the happenings in the day-to-day life. The fact that organisms continue to be born and die and no such time that the limited resources in the world got depleted is explained well by the theory of natural selection in evolution. Also the fact that different organisms are adapted to different regions in different environmental conditions is explained well by evolution (Angeloni 43).


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