Scotts Miracles Gro

Scotts Miracles Gro – Case Study Analysis



            Scotts Miracle Gro Company or simply Scotts Miracle Gro is arguably the greatest supplier of garden products and lawn. Headquartered in Maryville, Ohio, Scotts Miracle Gro deals in the provision of a host of other professional horticultural products. Generally Scott Miracle Gro has been carrying its business under four major segments that include; Scotts LawnService, Global Consumer, Corporate, and Global Professional, among other minor segments (Gray, & Leiblein, 2007). It operation are confined to in a number of regions that include Europe, North America, and North Pacific among together with a number of few other regions whose their contribution to the company bottom is almost negligible. Normally Scotts Miracles Gro trade under the brand names; Scotts, Hyponex, Miracle-Gro, Nature Scapes, and EarthGro together with a number of other minor labels (Gray, et al, 2008).

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