Senegalese Business Culture

Topic: Senegalese Business Culture

Competition and Free Enterprises

Unlike the situation in America, competition in Senegal is still under very low levels. The American business is comprised of very harsh competition levels which have formed a very harsh business environment for new entrants into the market. This situation is the one that the business environment in Senegal is taming. In as much as the competition levels are in a state that enhances business effectiveness and efficiency, the competition policies in Senegal are mainly built in light of the policies that govern the French business environment (Sichimba, 2006). Anti-competitive practices have been totally arrested and this has tended to result in a very cool business environment. The global business environment though is having its own effect on the Senegalese business environment as per the competition levels (Parker and Riopelle, 2005). This is resulting to the private sector becoming more aggressive and it was only the other year in 2009 when the private sector joined in the provision of water for the country so as to increase efficiency (OECD, 2009).


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