Shattered Glass

Movie review: shattered Glass

The adage of what is done in the dark getting to light is proven to be right in relation to Stephen glass on which the Shattered Glass movie is entirely based on. Shattered Glass is a movie that tends to bring out the bone of contention between the unscrupulous and charming Glass in relation to the serious pedantic lane in relation to the two major lines of journalism that they are entangled to. The one which is entirely associated with entertainment and the other that focuses on bringing the truth to the people. In a case where by these two goals come into a tag of war, each is supposed to remain principled without wavering till a time when the magnitude of the tension becomes catastrophic to either one of them making it inevitable for it but to throw in the towels.  Stephen Glass is a freelance writer for the Rolling Stone, George, Harper’s and the profound political magazine New Republic (Shattered Glass). It is during this tenure that he caused a lot of controversy in the journalism field when it was realized that most of the stories that had earned him much recognition and respect from all people across live were all fictional. This behavior by glass created fuzz in the journalist industry that a number of its practices such as editing were given a complete overhaul.


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