Slavery: North America in the Atlantic World 1650-1720

Slavery: North America in the Atlantic World 1650-1720

Project instructions:
This is a essay that cannot be less than 300 words. All 3 questions must be answered together in essay form.
Why might the English have engaged in little or no debate over the moral issue of slavery?

What concerns shaped the development of slavery in the mainland colonies?

How did the presence of a large number of Africans influence the southern settlements?

Original/Insightful:Largely “original” content; includes insightful analysis, interpretation(s), conclusion(s) based on evidence–NOT OPINION.

Scholarly Writing: College-level syntax, diction, & conventions (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.) for standard American English.

Facts & Citation: Grounded in the text and other scholarly sources, all evidence cited as per MLA style (in-text and Works Cited list).

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