SOC600 Introduction To Sociology

Your ship has just hit an iceberg and we are about to sink! Unfortunately, there is not enough room on the lifeboat for everyone. You must decide who will be permitted on the lifeboat – only five will be allowed on.” Choose 5 of the following to be allowed onto the lifeboat: SOC600 Introduction To Sociology

– Retired person – Ship’s captain – Physician

– Nurse

– Migrant worker and parent of 2 (children not onboard)

– Unemployed parent of 2 (children not onboard) – Canadian MP (Member of Parliament) – Prime Minister of Canada

– Prime Minister’s spouse

– Canadian Armed Forces Captain

– Elementary school teacher and parent of 2 (children not onboard) Please read the following instructions carefully and thoroughly.

SOC600 Introduction To Sociology

There are two parts.

Part A:

nswer the following questions (remember to start your own thread titled with your own name)

1. Who were the 5 survivors you selected?

2. How did you decide who the 5 survivors would be? Thoroughly discuss your decision-making process. Your decision cannot have been made randomly (i.e. by rolling a dice). Think about how and why you have determined these 5 people to be “worthy” of saving, detailing the various factors you considered. (at least 1-2 paragraphs)

3. Are there certain people in our (modern Canadian) society who are more important than others? If so, who are they? What does “more important” mean to you? Do you believe that this was a consideration in your choice of who would survive the ship sinking? (~2 paragraphs)

4. Are there situations in our world today where life-and-death decisions are made about people solely on the basis of their status (i.e. age, gender, ethnicity, “race”, socioeconomic status (social class), education level, occupation, ability, sexuality, marital status etc.)? Provide and discuss one example. Be sure to discuss which social status(es) played a role in the life-and-death situation.

Do not provide an historical example. (at least 1-2 paragraphs) Some additional info: You definitely want to incorporate concepts from the textbook here. (Don’t even think about starting this assignment if you haven’t read Chapter 4 & 5!!

) There is no right/wrong answer, but you must justify and discuss your choices. Consider how you/we evaluate members of our society based on ascribed status and achieved status.

Also, think about whether power/prestige/privilege influenced how you determined a person’s “value” to society, and therefore chosen to be saved from the sinking ship. Did you assume the gender/ethnicity/age/ability, etc. of the passengers? (ex. male doctor/female nurse) How did that affect your choices? SOC600 Introduction To Sociology

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