SOCW-8570 Social Work Supervision

SOCW-8570 Social Work Supervision


The clinical supervision relationship embodies several systems, to include individualistic, triadic, and dyad. Based on the preference of the supervisor and the supervisee, clinical supervision can take on any of these forms or a combination of two or more. In brief:

The individualistic system, viewed as the most restrictive, focuses on the individual contributions of the supervisor and the supervisee.

The triadic system views the clinical supervision process as a three-person system between the client, supervisee, and supervisor.

The dyad system focuses on the relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee in terms of a working alliance.

For this Discussion, you explore the relationship between supervisor and supervisee, and evaluate systems involved in this relationship.

To prepare

Review Chapter 4 in your course text, Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision. Extract details from the chapter that focus on the systems related to the supervision relationship.

Review the media provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Think about whether the individualistic, triadic, or dyad system might be most effective in the On a Hamster Wheel media piece, and consider why.

Post by Day 3 the strengths and weaknesses of the individualistic, triadic, and dyad systems. Based on this week’s Learning Resources, which system do you think would be most effective when applied to the clinical supervision session in the On a Hamster Wheel media piece? Why?

SOCW-8570 Social Work Supervision

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