SOCW-8570 Social Work Supervison

Task: SOCW-8570 Social Work Supervison

In this week of the course we take a look at evaluation, building on a collaborative relationship between you and the counselor. Evaluation may not be easy for some supervisors. Although everyone wants to know how they are doing, counselors are not always comfortable asking for feedback. And as most supervisors prefer to be liked, you may have difficulty giving clear, concise, and accurate evaluations to staff. SOCW-8570 Social Work Supervison

The two types of evaluation are formative and summative. A formative evaluation is an ongoing status report of the counselor’s skill development, exploring the questions, are we addressing the skills or competencies you want to focus on, and how do we assess your current knowledge and skills, and areas for growth and development?

Summative evaluation is a more formal rating of the counselor’s overall job performance. It answers the question, how does the counselor measure up? Typically, summative evaluations are done annually and focus on the counselor’s overall strengths, limitations, and areas for future improvement.

Besides measuring performance, the purpose of evaluation and supervision is to set expectations and shape future learning goals. In this sense, evaluation maybe viewed as a continual process throughout the course of supervision in which one is always growing and learning.

SOCW-8570 Social Work Supervison

The basic elements of evaluation of professional performance and supervision include supervisors identifying in the earlier stages of this enterprise their expectations and goals for supervisees. Supervisees should be made aware early on as to which specific competencies will be evaluated, and how they will be measured. in this evaluation is a clear understanding as to what represents successful attainment of each competency. Rather than fill a supervisee with anxiety by the evaluation process, an excellent supervisor endeavors to foster a milieu in which the supervisee is positively motivated to become the best professional possible. SOCW-8570 Social Work Supervison

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