Source Credibility

Conduct a Wikipedia search for improving your general knowledge on these topics.

2. Look at

3. Go to the BPS website ( and explore the different divisions and areas of work which psychologists undertake.

4. Consult any general Psychology or Occupational Psychology textbook; please note that Occupational Psychology is also referred to as Business, Work or Industrial/Organisational Psychology.

5. Conduct a search for relevant Academic Journal Articles using Google Scholar This is a very useful resource for obtaining Journal articles online.

6. Access any other relevant source you can think of (either paper or online).

There are numerous resources available online containing information on how to evaluate the credibility of different sources of information, especially on the difference between scholarly and popular articles.

To that effect, consider how you would rate each of the sources you have used, while undertaking the preceding reading assignment, in terms of academic credibility.

Use the following 5-point scale:

1 = little or uncertain about academic credibility, and 5 = high academic credibility or certainty of academic credentials

Then provide a brief justification for your rating of each source.

Please do not directly quote from any of the online sources; what we’re interested here is your opinion.

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