I need to edit this report following the notes of my professor on the graded T4 assignment and these instructions:

T4: Background Information, Interview Data, Surveys and Course Concepts (Week 9) (Team, Outcome, 10 points)

This is a 1-2 page, double spaced document (plus appendix items) which provides background information regarding the organization, business unit, department or work group which your team is studying, as well as the two course concepts most likely to be helpful in understanding the causes of the output problem. The appendix items will include interview notes, summarized interview findings and survey drafts; length will vary on the appendix items specifically based on the length of your interviews, etc.. The assignment should answer the following questions in order to “paint a picture” of the people involved as well as convey the extent to which your team has investigated and will continue to investigate the causes of the output problem.

Part 4. Background Information (5 points)
1. Describe the strategy, mission and/or vision of the organization, business unit, work group or department.
2. Who is the competition of the organization, business unit, work group or department?
3. Describe the demographics of the personnel within the organization, business unit, department or work group profile – see examples below.
– Roles or job duties within organization
– Tenure with organization, business unit, department or work group
– Age*
– Gender*
– Race or ethnicity*
*This information can be provided in summary form (e.g., 25% of the personnel are male)
Refer to cases studies in our course pack for examples of how this information can be presented effectively.

Part 5. Interview Data, Survey Questionnaire and Identifying Course Concepts (5 points)
1. The majority of interviews should be conducted by this assignment, though your team may have to follow up with some interviewees for clarification or additional information. Append a list of the individuals interviewed so far, transcripts/notes from the interviews and synthesized findings across all of the interviews. Based on these interview findings, then also submit a draft of your survey questions. The survey questions should help to deepen your understanding of the emerging themes from your interviews. As mentioned previously, include all information from this section in an appendix; length will vary.
2. Based on interview feedback, determine which two concepts or theories from different class sessions in our course will likely be helpful for your team to analyze the output problem. For example: self-awareness and motivation.


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