Sustainable decision-making #28

Sustainable decision-making #28.

Sustainable decision-making #28
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You need to answer following question

28: “Cost-benefit

analysis is a good idea in principle, but it is almost impossible to

apply in practice to any important environmental decisions”.

Discuss, with examples.

in this file you may find needed references:
please use the references i provided to form the best answers.All the topics are very professional. the references i provided are professional for the questions. please use the easiest words . no need to use complicated word. the most important thing is that they MUST give the most exact answers according to the questions rather than just put words together.”
tell all the writers that esing the easiest way to express the language the writers use is not important at all, but the ideas and thoughts and points on the questions posed are extremely important
tell all the writers to set out key points to each question rather than write some nonsense sentences

Sustainable decision-making #28

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