Indigenous education history cannot be considered in isoIation…it is deeply embedded within the totality of

Australia’s colonial history, it is a complex nexus of social and educational policy” (Herbert, J. 2014, p.95).

Considerthe above

quote and write a 2000 word report which explores the connections between contemporary Indigenous circumstances and Australia’s shared
history. Focus on the impact of historical experiences on Indigenous peoples, cultures and educational participation.

In your report you

must use the headings listed here and coverthe following content:

Executive summary (100 words)

An executive summary captures the main

points you cover.

Cultural context (500 words)

Explain the key cultural concepts that inform Indigenous worldviews, including the

Dreaming, kinship and relations to land. Account for cultural diversity.

Historical circumstances (500 words)

Outline the major events

and practices in Australia’s Indigenous history, including dispossession, segregation, protectionism and assimilation.

Discussion (700


Explain the impact Australia’s history has had, and continues to have, on Indigenous people both in general and more

specifically on education outcomes.

Recommendations (200 words)

Formulate 3 recommendations that address the ideas of social justice,

self-determination and reconciliation that are intended to improve NAPLAN results for Indigenous children.

Briefly explain the

cultural and historical factors each recommendation aims to overcome.
it is free of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes

and ensure that yourwritten expression does not impede comprehension of your ideas. Use language that is appropriate to academic and
professional tasks.

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