The affordable care act and long-term care provision

The affordable care act and long-term care provision.

Topic: The affordable care act and long-term care provision

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Paper Topic: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Long term Care Provisions.

A typed, double-spaced report, which develops and analyzes, from an economic perspective, an issue affecting health care nationally, within the states, or globally. In general, references for the paper should be articles and other materials published in the economic, social science, health services, and medical literature. The length of the paper should be sufficient to cover the topic selected.

The paper should the following sections:
• introduction,
• a literature review,
• an economic evaluation section
• comment section.

In the economic evaluation section, you should consider the policy or program (for example, health savings accounts, insurance expansions, prescription drug price controls, etc.) that is the focus of your paper and attempt to address the following questions when appropriate:

1. How would the policy affect the distribution of health services?
2. What goods or services are affected?
3. Who gains or loses from a given policy/program change?
4. Is the policy/program intended to promote equity and/or efficiency?
5. Could alternative government policies or private market solutions produce a higher level of social welfare?
6. How does the policy affect incentives for the consumption or distribution of health services?
7. Is the policy intended to achieve the “right amount” of services?

These questions will guide our discussion of the supplemental readings and healthcare applications throughout the course. For an example of how one might consider such questions, see the description of health savings accounts in FGS on pages 425-427. Finally, the comment section of your paper should argue a position (for or against) based on your analysis of the above questions. Papers that successfully address some of the questions listed above will be scored higher. Papers that fail to address any of the questions will be scored lower

The affordable care act and long-term care provision

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