The Final Case Brief is a formal paper that frames, evaluates, and develops an action plan for managing an ethical challenge that your have identifies. This is your opportunity to demonstrate everythi

The Final Case Brief is a formal paper that frames, evaluates, and develops an action plan for managing an ethical challenge that your have identifies. This is your opportunity to demonstrate everything you know about applying values to the challenges of business leadership.

In writing your final case brief, you should select an ethical problem either from current business news or from your own observation or experience.  Remember that you are conducting an ethical analysis to develop an action plan, so your brief will be evaluated for your framing of the problem, the arguments you make, and the evidence and expertise you apply to support your arguments.  Your choice of a problem, its complexity, and its relevance for contemporary business will be considered in your grade for this assignment.  It is in your interest to choose a unique, complex, and relevant problem that has not been widely discussed or evaluated to demonstrate your values, intelligence, and skill.

You will conduct your own ethical analysis of a scenario and develop an action plan using the tools, methods, and frameworks from the course as well as your own independent inquiry and thought.  You are encouraged to explore sources beyond course materials.

You may consult any and all learning materials from the seminar and elsewhere; you may also consult and discuss the case with others. The written brief, however, must be entirely your own work.  If you do consult other sources, you must credit and cite them properly in APA format.

 LENGTH: Approximately 1500-3000 words

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