The gravity of Christ’s teachings


It is a fact that Christ in His teachings, deeds and vicarious death and resurrection changed the course of the world and its history in a totally pervasive and irrevocable manner. Particularly, the gravity of Christ’s teachings was well understood by all, including His professed enemies. This is to the point that His enemies even picked up stones. Nevertheless, it must be considered a fact that the radical and divisive nature of Jesus’ teaching was not merely a matter of content, but mostly that of authority. The fact that Christ’s teachings was totally and inextricably integrated and interwoven around His person is a matter that did not help much, as far as mellowing the hostility of the inimical religious parties is concerned, on one hand. On the other hand, these factors, as shall be seen in the discussion of the discourse in Mark 4:1-9 served as strong adhesive forces that glued the disciples and followers of Jesus around Him.


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