The Importance Of Molybdenum And Its Symptoms

The Importance Of Molybdenum And Its Symptoms

Molybdenum is a kind of metal which is silvery white in colour and consists of high melting point. This metal does not react with water or oxygen at room temperature. It prevents corrosion at normal or at ordinary temperatures. Molybdenum if present in compounds, consists in different states of oxidation. The oxidation states are IV and VI. It is among one of the main refractory metals. Refractory metals are the metals consisting of very high resistance related with heat.

There are total of five refractory metals the other four are tantalum, niobium, tungsten and rhenium. The oxide of molybdenum is soluble in the alkaline water, and leads to the formation of the molybdate salts. It is a kind of minerals which is found in cheese, milk, nuts and organ meats. It is also there in water consisting of different amount of molybdenum. Molybdenum is stored in various part of the body such as in the kidneys, bones, liver and glands. It is observed that 90% of the molybdenum is eliminated from the body through the urine. Molybdenum works in the body in a complete different way. It breaks down the proteins present in the body and the different substances present inside the body. The deficiency of Molybdenum in the body is a rare case. It is one of the important part in the body playing one of the important role. The metal is not present in free in the nature. One of the main ore of molybdenum is molybdenite. It can be recovered from the by-product of copper. There are 24 isotopes present in Molybdenum. The mass number of the isotopes varies from 86 to 110.

There is a combination of seven isotopes which is there in a natural occurring Molybdenum. It is used in very small amount to harden the steel and it is also utilized by many alloys. It can be used as a glass furnace electrode as its melting point is too high. It is also utilizing by the petroleum industry. It is used to catalyse and remove the organic sulphur compounds which are present in the liquefaction process of coal and the gas. It is one of the important trace of elements which is available both in animals and plants. It is also used in the process of nitrogen fixation. It is one of the key element of the nitrogenase enzyme which helps in converting nitrogen gas present in the air into the nitrates which is important for the growth of the plants. It is one of the important enzymes present in animals and required for the metabolism process.

There are various types of side effects when there is deficiency of Molybdenum in the body. If the Molybdenum is present in excess in the body or it is present in low amount it affects the health. Too much of the Molybdenum can lead to a syndrome which is known as gout-like syndrome. The symptoms are there will be high amount of Molybdenum present in the blood, or in the uric acid. The supplements comprising molybdenum can cause copper deficiency. The reason is that it drives the copper away from the body tissues.

The deficiency of the Molybdenum result in sulphite toxicity and in long-term TPN.  There are only few risk involved when it is consumed excessively. It led to certain disorders inside the body. This types of disorders are rarely observed in the human body as well in plants. It is consumed by both plants and animals in different forms. The symptoms are headache, nausea, coma and vomiting. There are abnormalities which is observed in the tract of GI, kidneys and livers. It can make the case of the gout more severe. However, molybdenum need to be present in correct amount inside the body.

The presence of Molybdenum is important for both plants and animals. It is one of the important element present in the body. Once it is consumed, the blood absorbs it into the blood through the stomach and gut, and then it is carried forward to the kidney, livers and different areas of the body. Some amount of the Molybdenum is stored in the kidneys and livers. The molybdenum is converted into its cofactor. The molybdenum which is present in extra amount is eliminated out of the body through urine. The cofactor of the Molybdenum are the four essential enzymes. The enzymes help the human body by driving chemical reaction inside the body. The enzymes are aldehyde oxides, mARC, sulfhite oxide and xanthine oxidase. The enzymes prevent the building up of the dangerous sulphites inside the body, another enzyme helps in breaking down the alcohol and other drugs. It also helps in the treatment of cancer.

It also helps in breaking down of nucleotides which is one of the important part of the DNA. It generates enzymes which are helpful and helps in removing different kind of toxic products. It maintains the balance of uric acid within the body and improves the circulation. It helps in breaking down of various complex elements into much simpler elements. It is observed that the people living in the region where the soil is deficit in Molybdenum have a higher chance of getting esophageal cancer.  It is one of the necessary compound required for the proper functioning of the Aldehydes. The aldehyde helps in converting one of the main components of the alcohol. It also helps in preventing the cavities and the tooth from decaying. The cavities are healed at a much faster rate if there is high amount of Molybdenum present inside the body. The Molybdenum helps in increasing the mineral rate of repairing the injuries. The low amount of Molybdenum increases the risk of both rectal and esophageal cancer in women.  In case of the plants it is also one of the important nutrients. Plants require less amount of Molybdenum compare to animals. It helps in the fixation of nitrogen. It is one of the important element helping in the absorption of potassium. It is used to increase the growth of the plant and to improve the health of the plant. When Molybdenum is present in sufficient amount the plants grow at a much faster rate and the nitrogen fixation occurs easily. The soils which are alkaline in nature consists of greater amount of Molybdenum compared to the acidic soils. The plants can easily take up Molybdenum. It serves s as one of the best fertilizer for the plants and helps in increasing the growth of the plant.

Molybdenum is save for consuming when it is taken in a correct amount. There is various research that states that particular amount of Molybdenum when it is intake is much safer for the health. There is different dosage for different age groups related with the consumption of molybdenum. The infants can take 2 micrograms. The children within the range of 1-3 years can intake 3 micrograms, adults who are 19 years and above can consume 45 micrograms, the consumption is more in case of pregnant women which is 45mcg. The intake is mostly based upon an average. The levels and the dose varies both in plants and animals. There is no toxicity related with the consumption pf the Molybdenum. It is one of the important aspect in human body which is required by the body in a huge amount. It is safe and one of the best element needed by the body. It offers various benefits to the body. However, Molybdenum can be consumed without any risk.

The Importance Of Molybdenum And Its Symptoms

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