The Marketing Planning Process

Marketing Planning and Changing competitive conditions

In your role as a Marketing Manager for your organisation, or one of your, you have been asked by the senior management to develop a marketing plan. For your chosen organisation you should consider the development of the marketing plan over a specified timescale in the context of ONE of the following scenarios;

To respond to a competitor’s digital marketing campaign to aid business development


To address trends in an area where performance could be improved for a chosen product or service.

It is necessary to clearly state the chosen scenario. In order to produce the marketing plan you will need to undertake a marketing audit. You should give particular consideration to the scenario you have selected in the setting of your chosen organisation. The marketing audit should also include a rationale for the choice of scenario.

The assignment consists of three tasks in distinctive parts;
1. A marketing audit – a review of your chosen organisations current status internally and in the market it operates as well as the prevailing conditions in that market.
2. Marketing plan – should inform your marketing audit and be contextualised to reflect the chosen scenario
3. An evaluation report – which considers the contribution of the marketing planning process and its key aspects to the success of the organisation

A comprehensive assignment plan is provided for you to work to with a structure, details and suggestions.

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