The professor requests that I run a 1-way ANOVA nased on current family income, including ETA.

I have underlined the area I need help with but included all f the instructions in case you need them. The professor requests that I run a 1-way ANOVA nased on current family income, including ETA. I am confused because he does not state what the factor should be. Doesn’t a 1-way ANOVA need a Dependent Variable and a Factor? Please look over and advise! Thank you!!!


This week, you will complete two exercises related to One-Way, Two-Way, and Repeated-Measures ANOVA tests.

Part I:

Download the data set divorce-studentversion.sav from this week’s resources. Review both the Data View and the Variable View to obtain a general understanding of the data.

In this study, the researcher is interested in studying life satisfaction as the dependent variable. First as a one-way ANOVA, then as a multiple (factorial) ANOVA, the researcher will ask questions related to differences among fixed groups. In this data set, the variables (factors) of interest are life satisfaction, current family income, and gender. In all of the analyses conducted in this assignment, be sure to select the option that provides a measure of effect size (Eta) and the homogeneity test (Levene’s test).

  • Based on experience and knowledge of the literature, the researcher first wants to measure how different income levels impact life satisfaction. Using General Linear Model/univariate, conduct the analysis used to assess the differences among income levels on life satisfaction. Then, conduct the Tukey HSD post hoc comparison test. (As you can see from the post hoc window, there is a large array of post hoc tests available; as you read the literature in your specialization, see if there is a preferred post hoc test. If in your research you need to conduct a post hoc test, the selected test might be influenced by the literature in your area. Tukey is used here simply as an example.)
  • Using General Linear Model/univariate, analyze the differences between the genders when using life satisfaction as the dependent variable.
  • Using the General Linear Model/univariate, conduct a two-way ANOVA analyzing both gender and family income levels as related to life satisfaction.
  1. Present two tables:
  2. Table 1 should show the results of a one-way ANOVA based on current family income, including Eta.
  3. Table 2 should show the results of a two-way ANOVA based on both current family income and gender, including Eta.
  4. Provide a narrative discussion of both tables. Include Eta, the Levene test, and the observed change in the F-value of current family income when moving from a one-way to a two-way analysis.
  5. Identify, and then explain the information the researcher gained from the Tukey post hoc test.
  6. Include an appendix containing all SPSS output (copied and pasted) for the items above.

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