The project description:

Hi! I’m having difficulty understanding my project for an information security & technology class I am taking and needed some help to get started.

The project description:

Digital Edge Manufacturing

 Networking Technology Plan

Modern companies realize that, no matter what they manufacture or what activities they perform, well-running networking technology, a digital nervous system, is a necessity. They know the importance of networking to monitor work progress and ensure the data needed to tailor their products to the customer reach the right resource at the right time.

For this project, you will be developing a unified networking framework for an advanced manufacturing company. Though the company is fictional, the class project is meant to demonstrate how important an understanding of networking technologies can be when preparing a company to compete in our modern, interconnected marketplace.

Digital Edge Manufacturing Profile

To make the project more realistic, you are asked to act as a consultant to a technology company and submit a networking proposal that will cover the networking at their manufacturing centers.

The company, Digital Edge Manufacturing (DEM), is a leader in the use of 3D-printing to create products for a variety of industries. DEM currently has one production site outside of Chicago, Illinois. The demand for their work is exceeding current capacity and the Board of Directors has given the go-ahead to develop two more plant sites, with one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast of the United States.

The project requires a complete revamp of their current WAN and LAN networking structure.

The part I am having trouble with is the user domains portion:

User Domains

This will include an in-depth review of the user population for a business network infrastructure. These include:

  • Office and administrative
  • Engineers / IT & Technical support
  • Manufacturing Personnel
  • Guests

A descriptive profile of what an individual in each user group would need when interacting with the district’s networking infrastructure will be needed for each element. Components could include:

  • Office and Administrative / Guests
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) needs
  • Reasons for access within a room (testing, presentation, lectures, etc.)
  • Security during meetings and presentations
  • Secure home accessibility
  • Engineering
  • High bandwidth requirement workstations and manufacturing floor networking
  • Independent server room installations
  • Secure home accessibility
  • Manufacturing Personne
  • Due to heavy data demands, there is a need for a more guaranteed high speed throughput
  • Include a discussion on in room networking needs for devices such as sensors, printers, 3-D printing devices, etc.
  • Machinery will all be networked
  • Provide networking structure for a robust sensor environment
  • Secure networking including ID entry required
  • Guests
  • This includes customers, contractors, media that may need outside Internet access via or connection to company networks for presentations, etc.

I’m having trouble figuring out how I can expand these fields provided to a good length that would cover all of the criteria.

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