The Rwandan Genocide (1994)

The Rwandan Genocide (1994)

Write a 1,400 word essay on the case study of

The Rwandan Genocide (1994)

Your essay should include the following;
• a brief overview of the crises

• an analysis of the international response

• an explanation as to why this case study is important to understanding humanitarian intervention in the contemporary era

In marking case studies, lecturers will consider:
• the detail provided;

• your capacity to relate the particular case study to the broader issue of humanitarian intervention;

• your capacity to analyse the international response, its effectiveness and relate this to broader contextual trends in international relations related to humanitarian intervention;

• the range of sources used and evidence of independent research.

Further Information

Please note that this assignment is not asking you to singularly focus on the details of the crisis; the main section of the assignment should focus on the latter two points detailed below. I advise you to structure your assignment in the following way; as ever this is just my advice and feel free to deviate from this if you wish. Likewise the suggested word count for each section is just a rough guide.

Introduction (75 words)
Briefly present your argument and your structure
Overview of the Crises (200 words)
What happened, who was involved. (History is itself of course contested so be aware that the “facts” of any case are likely to be disputed; this may, therefore, feed into the broader argument you aim to make)
Analysis of the International Response (525 words)
Was the international response prudent, effective, legitimate etc. Who did what and why do you think they responded like this. Obviously you are not expected to analyse how every major actor responded so feel free to focus on who you consider to be the main actors.
Contemporary Importance of this Case Study (650 words)
Why do we still discuss this case? What was the legacy? Were any “lessons” learned? Did the case lead to any policy changes? What does the crisis tell us about contemporary humanitarian intervention?
Conclusion (50 words)
Summarise your argument

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