The Use of Social Media and Bullying” Controlling Idea Statement

The Use of Social Media and Bullying” Controlling Idea Statement.

The Use of Social Media and Bullying
Controlling Idea Statement
You will formulate a controlling idea statement through one of the following: a thesis, an
enthymeme, or a hypothesis. For this assignment, you are required to only produce one
Controlling Idea Statement. It should be a statement, not a question. Further, your final Research
Paper will be an argumentative, research-based, academic-style Research Paper; therefore, your
Controlling Idea Statement must propose an argument. In other words, your Controlling Idea
Statement must be a contestable statement that invites argumentation—something that you must
prove or support with research.
Choose one type of Controlling Idea Statement you would like to write:
• a thesis statement advances a conclusion the writer will defend ;
• an enthymeme uses a because clause to make a claim the writer will defend ;
• a hypothesis is a theory that must be testedto prove its validity
Short Proposal
For the Short Proposal, you will write a research proposal developed from the topic and the
Controlling Idea Assignment (a thesis, an enthymeme, or hypothesis).
Your Short Proposal must be between 150-200 words and written in one cohesive paragraph. All
source material used in the Short Proposal must be cited correctly according to APA convention
and style. If material is quoted, then quotation marks must be used, along with a parenthetical
citation. If material is paraphrased, then a parenthetical citation giving attribution to the author
must be used. A list of references must be included as well. Textbooks should not be included on
a references list.
Your Short Proposal should include the following five elements:
1. The specific topic.
2. The purpose of the paper: Your paper must be an argumentative paper, so you will want to cast
your purpose statement towards this argumentative end.
3. The intended audience.
4. Your voice as a writer (informer, advocate, concerned citizen, etc.).
5. The preliminary thesis statement or opening hypothesis.

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