This is the description: Current career path or one that you want to know more about

This is the description: Current career path or one that you want to know more about.

It’s time to do a little research and write a report. These papers will be due Thursday, March 6th before midnight. You should know the requirements for entering the field you chose, beginning salary and potential salary over a career, and optional career moves you can make within the career”

I will give an example of a paper , its about someone wrote about to be a banker , however my major is marketing , so you are gonna talk about that you are gonna be a marketer, and please follow the description Ariel type font, 12 pitch and double line spacing.

“I am almost there, I am almost done with my studies and soon I will graduate in 2012 and achieve my dreams! How time flies! As a young kid, I used to ask myself what I would like to be when I grow up. My parents used to share their vision for me…to be a doctor, a lawyer, a businessman. Little did they know, I also asked those questions to myself, and I knew, as far as I could remember, that I want to be a financial banker in the future.

Becoming a bank manager certainly requires a strong foundation and understanding about the banking industry. This industry involves a wide range of banking system, which entails a working knowledge on special types of accounts, like checking, savings, loan, and trust fund services. With the evolving developments of banking systems, it continues to grow in terms of innovation and creativity as to how it will make the banking business practical, convenient for people or the market, and contributory to the economic development of the country. It also continues to develop ways and means to improve the professional standards of equipping people involved in this business so as to continually improve the services and product offerings.

The banking industry involves complex structures that a good understanding of their nature will help aspiring bankers like me to better prepare for the many challenges ahead, especially if I want to pursue a career in this field. As early as now, I need to understand what are the things there are to learn from that cannot just be learned from the four walls of the classroom. Taking a look at the effects of loans the implications of charging interests on loans, the effects of personal and commercial loans in the system and in the people patronizing these resources as against the prevailing economy, is just one way of appreciating what banking system has to offer to people. Additionally, the manner of operating the banks is also another area that an aspiring banker like me must need to understand. A good background about the functions of corporate officers in the banking organization is helpful; the processes involved in running the bank, such as check processing, record keeping, bookkeeping and usages of computers and other automated machinery must be understood well hence a working knowledge about them can help appreciate the roles and responsibilities of a banker in the banking industry.

As I learn the basic knowledge and theoretical background necessary to prepare me to enter the banking industry someday, I must welcome the idea that I must be trained as a bank officer the earliest possible time, through ways like taking preparatory programs, reviewing and strengthening my knowledge in mathematical analysis, establishing a good foundation in business administration, economics, finance and accounting in different bank jobs. These are effective means to keep me ahead of competition among other aspiring bankers my age in the future. Applying for internship programs for students to work as trainee in real banking environment is also part of a work-in-progress process to mold me to be an effective and successful banker someday. Developing a career path in the banking system must also start as early as the time that I have conceived the vision that I will be a successful banker in the near future.

Looking ahead after graduation from college, I know there is a wide range of opportunities facing me, including the fact that competition could be tough amongst people like me who are following the career path in banking. I am challenged to conquer my dreams, not just simple dreams, but big dreams to be a known banker, whose integrity can not be flawed, whose knowledge and understanding about the work can never be questioned because I studied and prepared well for the challenges that await me in pursuing this dream.”

This is the description: Current career path or one that you want to know more about

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