Thomas Southerne?s Oroonoko and Olaudah Equiano?

Topic: Thomas Southerne?s Oroonoko and Olaudah Equiano?s Interesting Narrative
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TOPIC ONE: Change over Time
Compare and contrast the views of race and slavery conveyed in Oroonoko
(published in 1696) vs. in The Interesting Narrative (published in 1789). What
changes in popular attitudes over the course of the eighteenth century can be
discovered by comparing these works? What continuities do you find? How did
ideas about justice and humanity in relation to slavery shift or remain stable over
this period? Why might late eighteenth-century and early nineteenth-century
abolitionists have found both texts useful?

Respond to the question with a formal essay. It should have an
introduction that states a thesis, provide evidence from the primary source in support of
that thesis, and offer a conclusion that discusses the significance of the argument you
have made. Your paper should use specific supporting examples and quotations from
throughout the book you choose to write about

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