Title of Essay: How Creatively Confident You Are Now?I need help to write the above titled essay following the instruction below:Individual Reflection Paper: How Creatively Confident Are You Now?  

Title of Essay: How Creatively Confident You Are Now?

I need help to write the above titled essay following the instruction below:

Individual Reflection Paper:  How Creatively Confident Are You Now?

In this course, you have learned about the theories, tools and techniques to develop personal and organizational creativity, a culture of innovation, and design thinking as a human centered approach to creativity and innovation. Reflecting and writing about the key topics of the course is a great way to consolidate your learning and develop your critical thinking skills by processing your reaction and feelings for what you have learned.

In a 4-6 page paper, please discuss how the course readings, learning activities and assignments have influenced your understanding of the topics and how you feel about their effectiveness both for you personally and in the workplace.

Begin by briefly summarizing in your introduction what you have learned and how it aligned with your expectations coming into the class. Identify the points you will discuss in the paper and the order in which you will introduce them.

Discuss each of the topics thoroughly and provide specific examples as well as cited references.

In your conclusion, identify what you felt was the most important learning and how you confidently you feel about your ability to creatively work with a team to solve and implement a personal, community or workplace problem or need. Be sure to identify which theories, tools and/or technique(s) you feel were most beneficial in helping to build your creative confidence.

APA 6th Ed. citation and referencing is required

Reference: at least 4

Textbook 1. M: Management, 4th edition  ISBN 978-0-07-786259-6

By Bateman, Snell, Konopaske

The following chapters are taught from Management textbook:

Chapter 1: Managing Effectively in a Global World,

Chapter 3: The Organizational Environment and Culture,

Chapter 4: Ethics and Corporate Responsibility,

Chapter 5: Planning and Decision Making,

Chapter 7: Organizing for Success,

Chapter 10: Leadership,

Chapter 11: Motivating People,

Chapter 12: Teamwork

Textbook 2. M: Marketing , ISBN 978-0-07-786102-5

By Grewal, and Levy 4th edition

The following chapters are taught in the class from Marketing textbook:

Chapter 1: Overview of Marketing

Chapter 2: Developing Marketing Strategies and a Marketing Plan

Chapter 5: Analyzing the Marketing Environment

Chapter 6: Consumer Behavior

Chapter 8: Global Marketing

Chapter 9: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Chapter 11: Product, Branding, and Packaging Decision

Chapter 13: Services: The Intangible Product

Chapter 14: Pricing Concepts for Establishing Value;

Chapter 16: Retailing and Multichannel Marketing

The essay should have a Introduction, Body or discussion, Conclusion and References.

The essay should be 4 pages excluding of references.

Course: Managememt and Marketing

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