To Kill A Mockingbird

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Topic     In “To Kill A Mockingbird”, we learn how Scout became frustrated on her first day of school. Later, when she is speaking with Atticus, she tells him that she will not be returning to school if it is okay with him. Interestingly enough, instead of yelling at her, Atticus gives her a very sound advice. He says, ”You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view—-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”. (Chapter 3) Why do you think that Atticus gave Scout this advice, given her young age? How does this advice apply to her experience at school, or to how she is to accept the challenges life will present to her in the future? Do you believe that Scout had the knowledge to understand the ramifications of this advice? In your essay, explain and elaborate the above questions from your point of view. Show how sound advice like the one Atticus gave his daughter might be advice that could be applied to a person’s life’s real events. In addition, explain the reason(s) why Atticus might have given his young daughter this type of advice. In your opinion, should he have scolded her instead? Elaborate your ideas with examples from the book or that of someone you may know or may have heard of.
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I an ESL student so please make it sound easy and clear. All the instructions and materials are attached. 3.    All essays will have a requirement of a minimum of three (3) pages, double-spaced, using font #12, any style. Maximum five (5) pages. As a first draft, you can develop this paper with an introduction paragraph with a topic sentence, at least three body paragraphs supporting the topic, and a conclusion.

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