To prepare for class on Monday, February 5, read the following tax scenario and complete the steps below: Logan B. Taylor is a widower whose wife,…

Mia Taylor (age 22)



Helen, Logan’s mother, receives a modest Social Security benefit (assume not taxable). Asher, a son, is a full time student in dental school and earns $4,500 as a part-time dental assistant. Mia, a daughter, does not work or go to school and is engaged to be married.

Logan’s itemized deductions for 2017 total $12,000.

Logan had $6,000 of federal income tax withheld from his wages (reported on his W-2). If Logan has any overpayment on his income tax, he wants the refund sent to him. Logan does not want to contribute to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.

1.    What is Logan’s filing status?

2.    List Logan’s gross receipts (including taxable and nontaxable income). Do not list gross receipts from property transactions (i.e., stock sale or sale of St. Louis lot) in this step; we’ll handle those transactions in Steps 4-5. Check figure: $349,800

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