Topic: Preschool Observation Report

Your observation should be a minimum of two pages typed, double spaced and include the following information clearly marked by section headings:
1. Draw a sketch (picture) showing the room arrangement. Be sure to include walls, furnishings, shelving, restrooms, exits and room areas. Label each area and list the types of materials stored in the different areas of the room. (
2. What activities were the children doing during your visit? Just make up activities from your own imagination.
3. Include an observation and general discussion about what you saw in each of the following areas:
a). verbal abilities
b). fine motor skills
c). gross motor skills
d). interpersonal relationships with children
e). interpersonal relationships with adults.
f). types of play observed (give an observation of at least four).
1). Sensory Motor 2). Solitary Play 3)Dramatic Play 4.)Cooperative Play
5). Parallel Play 6). Rough and .Trumble Play 7). Associative Play
g). types of imagination displayed
h). types of creativity displayed
5. What you enjoyed most about your visit.

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