Total Quality Management feedback

Total Quality Management feedback.

1. please wirte positive feedback to the answers of this question : Are you loyal to any organizations? If so how many bad experiences will it take to overcome your loyalty? Have you ever decided to withhold your business from a store, restaurant, or other service provider based on poor service? If so explain?

1a) I am a very loyal person, when it come to my current health care employer and with that being said I have been very dedicated to all my past employers, come to think about it. I am truly the type of person that it only pretty much takes a couple times to display poor customer service when it comes to stores or restaurants. I generally give a business the benefit of a doubt the first time, after that it is history for me, therefore, I have withheld from business because of their poor customer service.
Business MUST realize customers are their, “Bread and Butter”, so without customers sales will be low. It is the excellent customers service and public human relations skills that keeps the customer retention.
I have been providing excellent customers service for 20+ years with retention because of my interpersonal skills and the love I have for assisting people, so I think I do know what it takes to provide that customer with what they want. For me it has been my effective listening skills, my caring attitude and my friendly greeting persona.

1b) I am loyal to a few small businesses around where I live. I prefer to shop at locally owned stores as they grasp the concept of customer service and how it effects your business. I have one jewelry store that I shop at that we have a good relationship with the owner and I can go in there with any problems and they bend over backwards to help. I have boycotted several stores where I have had bad experiences. One is the Home depot as we went there and they gave us a problem regarding returning a defective item. The service is lousy and it is really hard to find someone to help you that is knowledgeable. Another example is the restaurant Claim Jumper. The food quality is sub par and the service is slow and inattentive. They don’t check back with you for drinks and such. I will not go there again.

I am very loyal to Chik-Fil-A. I am loyal to them for more than just their excellent product. They offer you a morning paper free of charge if you get there early in the morning. I am a person that prefers french fries over tater tots. They have no problem making me an order of french fries during breakfast time, I simply have to wait for them to be cooked. This goes above and beyond any other customer service in the fast food industry. These two customer service gems are what keep me coming back time and time again.
It would probably take Chik-fil-A to change their corporate policy on the two above issues before I stopped being a loyal customer. One time recently I did ask for my morning french fries in the drive through and the told me no. They said they didn’t do that in the drive through. I immediately got upset. After I thought about it for a while I realized that they were right. I would have held the drive thru line up waiting on my “special” fries.
I have stopped patronizing certain places because of racial discrimination in the past. It is something I won’t tolerate. I don’t usually make a big fuss about it, I simply just don’t give that company my money anymore.
Good service seems to be very hard to come by nowadays. I was in the restaurant industry for a long time. I loved to Woo people with good service. When I was a bartender I had a very loyal following every day. I was known for knowing what the customer needed before they did. Automatic drink refills without asking if you needed another was one way I kept a strong following. Nowadays, I just want my food in a timely manner and to see my waiter or waitress once or twice. The level of service in certain industries has gone down tremendously. So to answer the question further yes, I have no problem not patronizing an establishment of I have one bad experience. More times than not I will give them a second chance, but if I have a similar experience then I am usually finished after that.

2. please wirte positive feedback to the answers of this question : Define the term empowerment, being sure to distinguish between involvement and empowerment. Also, describe a situation where you were empowered to perform or complete an important initiative. At what point during the initiative or effort did you feel empowered?

2a) To me empowerment is a great sense of aspiration and confidence to conqueror all. Empowerment in our books means engaging thinking processes in ways that matter and with involvement means having input. Empowerment consists of having contribution that is heard and used. Also, it means giving people ownership of what they do and who they are. Empowerment requires a change in positive ways and not towards lack of responsibility or abuse in authority. A situation where I felt empowered to perform or complete an important initiative was going to college. At the point during the time of putting in applications in everywhere, I went home and decided I need a head start. I started looking for online colleges and found one. At that moment I felt empowered.

2b) Empowerment of an employee means, giving them the abilities/tools they need to perform their jobs and helping them to create a place that they find respectable to work. It does not mean giving up control over the final say on an issue, but it does mean permitting them to innovate and problem solve, individually and as a group, to help bring better solutions to light. Involvement relates more to the employee being in the room hearing directions than investing personal interest in their position.
I recently had a part-time position managing a crew that cleaned offices. I had 16 different offices over a 50 mile radius that needed cleaned 5-7 days a week. The owner of this company tried his best to make me feel empowered, but in the end, he didn’t give me the authority I needed to keep me from losing my mind with employee turn-over. Only he could hire and fire. The problem was, the little contact that I got with these individuals for training alone was not enough to empower them to take ownership. Having the ability to choose my crew would have meant that it was my mistake that I hired a quitter or someone that didn’t want to place forward the effort. At one point he hired a guy convicted of sexual assault on a female minor, in a building that women locked down at close. I found out by Googling his name, since he wouldn’t let me run background checks on anyone either.
He did let me interview and choose 2 of my sights representatives when he went on vacation for a week. Those I selected are still with his company today. It’s not fair to say that an employee has all the power to do nothing in their position, but still expect better quality from them. When I realize he wasn’t giving me the authority to do my job, I realized I couldn’t do the job any longer. I would say I was partially empowered to do my job.

Total Quality Management feedback

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