U40421 Care plan Assignment


Discusses that the principles of care-planning are underpinned by the seminal nursing process that advocates a systematic problem-solving approach to patient care. However, whilst conceptually these principles are still essential to optimise care-planning, Barrett et al (2012) and Hogston and Marjoram (2006) argue the nursing process may be overly simplistic due to its focus on ‘assessment’, rather than continuous assessing as an on-going process. Therefore, Barrett et al (2012), suggest a comprehensive 6-stage cyclical framework to inform care-planning: assess, systematic nursing diagnosis, planning, implement, recheck and evaluate (ASPIRE). In accordance with this framework, the discussed pre-treatment assessment successfully establishes a systematic nursing diagnosis and creation of problem-statements. U40421 Care plan Assignment

What are you going to do in your essay? E.g That you will develop an evidence based care plan for a patient you have cared for in practice.

Demonstrating critical analysis of the evidence for the care required one of the main problems/potential problems. This will set the expectations of the reader.


This is where you provide an overview of the information you have gained through completing your nursing assessment with the patient.

·Who is your patient?

·Why are you looking after them?

·Where are you looking after them?

·Are there any important details that you need to tell us about the patient/family/circumstances that were important when completing the nursing assessment? U40421 Care plan Assignment

Be concise in this descriptive part of your essay. You need to set the scene but remember to be succinct. You may need to draft this section a few times to get it right.  In order to ensure this academic assignment remains professional it would be ideal to try and avoid using the 1st person.

At the end of this section identify 1 or 2 problems/potential problems for this patient that you will explore in your analysis section in order to develop an evidence based care plan. Please remember you are identifying a NURSING problem. Provide a rationale for your choice.

Please make use of the formative submission as this will give you valuable feedback.


This is the key section of your essay where you will demonstrate critical analysis of the available research evidence in order to develop an evidence based plan for care. 

Ensure that you have read the learning outcomes and refer to the marking criteria regularly. Remember to give yourself time to work on multiple drafts in order to maximise your potential. U40421 Care plan Assignment

1.Having identified the nursing problem/potential problem at the end of your previous section you need to begin this section by identifying the overall goal you aim to achieve by delivering the care.  Guidance on setting goals can be found in Barrett et al (2012) Care Planning and guide for nurses.  You might find this easier to write once you have investigated the problem and considered the required care.

2.The main part of this section needs to include critical analysis of the literature related to the problem/potential problem.  You should also include evidence of discussion with the patient and/or their family in order to determine the care required or if this did not happen, consider how the patient and/or their family could have been included.  It is likely you may need to research the overall condition for which the patient requires nursing intervention as well as the problem identified. 

Adult Nursing student Example:- If you are looking after a patient who has had an appendectomy.  You might decide that the nursing problem is that the patient may experience pain after surgical removal of the appendix.  The nursing goal might be to ensure the patient has a post operative pain score of less than 2/10.  In order to determine the care required you will need to understand more about the care of patients who have undergone appendectomy to know where they may experience pain and consider some methods to help reduce pain specifically for this type of surgery.  However you are likely to also need to explore literature to understand more about pain assessment and pain management and consider this in relation to the individual needs of your patient (can they communicate effectively, what is their cognitive ability, what is the role of the nurse/patient/carer).

3.At the end of your critical analysis insert a table which summarises the nursing care and patient/family care required as determined from your critical analysis – this is just a brief summary- the words will not be counted in the word limit.


Be explicit about what you have learnt from undertaking this analysis and recommend changes to your future decision making.

You may consider:

·After looking at the literature on this element of care, how are you going to take your practice forward.

·Will your practice have changed because of this?

·Can you or the literature recommend any other actions that you may adopt or adapt?

Bring your work to a clear conclusion referring back to the key literature that you have used in the main body. Make it clear to the reader what you have drawn out of the work you have completed. U40421 Care plan Assignment

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