Uber. Customer Service Ratings Cannot Replace Managers

Uber. Customer Service Ratings Cannot Replace Managers

This is an individual assignment
Students are to select a news article from any credible news agency. The news article must have been written since January 1, 2016.
Careful, the chosen article can not already be an article writing about the OB / HR practices of a firm. That is your job not the authors.
No two students can use the same article. Have a topic email the prof ASAP and get the article reserved for you. (See list below).
Students must write a 1000 word essay that explains how the article evokes lessons / topics about which you have learned from at least four weekly lessons in OB. Demonstrate you know the lessons beyond saying “It reminds me of …”
Do not waste words on summarizing the article. Use article facts only to prove you article – lesson links.
Students are required to submit the essay and a copy of the article as a PDF.
Essay submissions will be run through Turnitin.
Organization Behaviour (Business)

The book you should refer to: Organizational Behaviour(Understanding and managing Life at Work) by Gary Johns and Alan M. Saks.

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