Using the global electric circuit as an integrating framework to investigate climate change

Using the global electric circuit as an integrating framework to investigate climate change
Through localised thunderstorms and broader fair-weather effects, the global electric circuit is embedded within, and modulated by, the Earth’s climate system. In this essay you should discuss the potential relationship of climate change to the global electric circuit, both in terms of the drivers leading to modification of the global circuit, and the potential use of the global circuit as a natural monitoring system to detect change. Your essay will need to be well organised, structured and argued. It should include a description of the various components of the global electric circuit and how they are measured, a discussion of the expected modifications to the climate system and their impact on the global circuit, a prediction as to how the various methods by which the global circuit is monitored would be affected by climate change and a conclusion on how these effects would scale globally. Ideas and arguments should be fully referenced, and linked figures and diagrams would normally form part of the discussion.
Potential references to consider:
Atmospheric electricity
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• Markson R. and Price C.:1999 Ionospheric potential as a proxy index for global temperature
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This essay has a maximum length of 10 pages, including references, T&L Office 2015 at 12:00 noon.
The assessment of the essay will consider:
• Presentation and structure of the discussion and use of appropriate figures (10%)
• Inclusion of relevant material (30%)
• appropriate and accurate use of scientific language and quantitative arguments (40%)
• Clear conclusions section summarising the main points from the essay (10%)
• Clear use of appropriate references for material presented (10%)

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