Vulnerable Populations – Due Day 5 Select one of the following vulnerable populations:

: Vulnerable Populations – Due Day 5•Select one of the following vulnerable populations: ochronically mentally ill ohomeless personsovictims of violence (refugees, domestic or childhood abuse)oimmigrants•Write a 1250-1750 word paper explaining how critical thinking is used to identify the causes of the problems or issues for this population. Focus on:othe history of the population othe nature of the social problems or issues experienced odemographics and common clinical issues and intervention strategiesoa discussion of future interventionsoShow the proper use of at least two academic resources (not Wikipedia,, yahoo, etc.), outside of the library. •Properly cite your references/resources in APA format.5.Learning Team Assignment: Social and Clinical Issues in the Elderly Population – Due Day 7•Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, 8-10 slides with speaker’s notes, exploring the social and clinical issues facing the elderly population, along with common human service intervention strategies. Focus on the Graying of America,’ ageism, housing, retirement, grandparent parenting, mental health issues and so forth, as well as common practice settings.•Properly cite your references/resources in APA format

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