week 10 05 14

week 10 05 14.


Cultural Programming


Answer for yourself, the questions on page 78, Exhibit 4-2, in your text. Based on your answers to those questions, and the reading in chapter 4 of the text, write a 200 – 250 word answer to the following discussion questions:

What is cultural programming?

What do you believe is the most influential part of your own cultural programming?

Why do you believe this?

How does your cultural programming affect communication with others? Be specific – give at least one example.


Families and Communications


On page 345 – 347 in the text, the author discusses circumstances under which the health care professional may override the patient’s wishes to not have information shared with the family.  In a 200 – 250 word response, answer the following questions:

Do you agree or disagree with the author?  Explain your answer.

What communication techniques do you recommend to help bridge this potential communication gap?

week 10 05 14

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