Whats wrong with place X

This is a regular narrative essay told from the first person point view. The title is what is wrong with any city in the world of your choice. This could cover problems like society being not nice to the foreigners or a place which is suffering from huge traffic jams. The task, in this essay, is to provide the reader with a descriptive account of exactly what is wrong with [place x). To do this, you are encouraged to think of the essay’s thesis as the dominant impression you wish to convey. This impression should then be illustrated by three separate but related ideas/scenes. Throughout the writing process, you are encouraged to bear in mind elements of the descriptive essay. Objective vs. subjective description; denotative vs. connotative language; zooming in and zooming out; ; organizing ideas and sentences; capturing and then holding the reader’s interest; including only that which is essential; and, most importantly, that it is your task to bring before the reader’s eye descriptive images that exactly describe what you aim to convey

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