When buying a cell phone is it the cell phone features or price point that drives the consumer to buy a smart phone over a regular phone

‘a Introduce the subject of your research and then lead into your research question. Don’t start your paper with the research question– that’s bad writing. Lead into it. Then say why your research is useful and worth doing

Literature Review
‘a Research does not need to be done this section should be about how you would select people if you where to do the research. Can be made up.

‘a Identify what type of records/data/information you would need to sort through after following your methodology. Then explain how you would sort through them. What exactly would you do? What would you look for? What you say here might be influenced by what you found during your literature review

‘a Identify the strengths and weaknesses your information would have, based on how you collected it. Include what bias your research could have as a result of your own perspective (Tip: “no bias” is always incorrect)

‘a If your research had been completed, what should other researchers do next? What questions would still need to be answered, what research would still need to be conducted?

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