Which of the following is not a method of machine learning?

Which of the following is not a method of machine learning?Choose one answer.a. Neural computingb. Genetic algorithmsc. Generic algorithmsd. Case-based reasoningWhich of the following is not an advantage of fuzzy logic?Choose one answer.a. Faster calculationsb. More optionsc. All of the aboved. Greater flexibilityOne does not have to rethink completely what to do every time a similar problem is encountered, when using __________.Choose one answer.a. knowledge baseb. rules of thumbc. algorithmsd. symbolic databaseSDLC is a structured framework that consists of __________ processes by which MSS are developedChoose one answer.a. sequentialb. parallelc. queuedd. severalWhich of the following is not a function performed by intelligent agent?Choose one answer.a. Interpret perceptionsb. Define problemsc. Solve problemsd. Draw inferencesThe RAD methodology involves breaking a system up into a series of versions that are developed __________ .Choose one answer.a. parallelb. concurrentlyc. sequentiallyd. simultaneouslyWhich of the following is not included in human’s cognitive processes?Choose one answer.a. Simulationb. Analogyc. Inductiond. DeductionWhich of the following is not a test in the testing step in implementing a MSS application?Choose one answer.a. Integration testb. Unit testc. Acceptance testd. Quality testIntelligent agents are able to exhibit __________ behavior by taking the initiative in order to satisfy their design objectives.Choose one answer.a. learningb. communicationc. goal-directedd. action-directedWhich of the following is the major objective of an expert system?Choose one answer.a. To provide adviceb. To learnc. To teachd. To function as a knowledge repositoryIntelligent agents provide an innovative way to process __________ automatically.Choose one answer.a. customers’ choicesb. routine tasksc. user’s demandsd. all of the aboveWhich of the following is the first step in developing an expert system?Choose one answer.a. Identifying the human expertsb. All of the abovec. Defining the problem and proper scoped. Selecting a software tools

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