Why it is important to attend college and why it is necessary that college students make decisions about selecting a major field of study

Part 1: Introduction: Your introduction should be an overview of why it is important to attend college and why it is necessary that college students make decisions about selecting a major field of study. Students should also discuss this from a broader perspective in that college students all around the country have to decide upon a major not knowing much about the intricacies of the major or even how necessary other fields of study bear on their major fields of study. Also, as you narrow your introduction down to your thesis, you may want reflect on what you will attempt to explain, explore, and or demonstrate in your paper. Be sure to introduce the 3 or 4 main points for your thesis statement that will be developed in Part 3.

Part 2: Overview of Your Selected Field of Study: In this section you will need to provide background information on your own field of study, its history, focus areas and various specialties in your field. What and who does your major field of study focus its energy toward. What is its purpose and values in our society and even in the world?

Part 3: Comparison and Contrast of Sociology and Your Major Field of Study: Please select three or four points or areas to compare and contrast in terms of the differences and similarities in sociology and your field of study. Be sure you are clear, succinct and thorough in your explanations. Special attention should be placed on flow of your paper and thoroughness of your handling of the subject matter. Look for relationships as well as differences between the two fields of study using the 3 or 4 points you selected.

Part 4: Conclusion: Your conclusion should be a broad summarization of your entire paper, noting special points and reiterating highlights from your analysis of both major fields of study. Students should discuss the inevitable relationships between their field of study and sociology. Students must think critically about why it is important to understand sociology and to be able to understand human institutions and their purposes. Please discuss the future of your major field of study without the understanding of sociology as well as the future of your major with a clear and broad understanding of sociology. Please discuss what you have learned during this semester about yourself, your field of study and any overall differences in your perceptions, attitude or outlook on life after being introduced to sociology as a field of study. Please support all of your statements.

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