Write 11 page essay on the topic Creative and media strategy.Download file to see previous pages… Each of the topics has been focused in the means of communication and data related to the media. Adv

Write 11 page essay on the topic Creative and media strategy.

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Each of the topics has been focused in the means of communication and data related to the media. Advertising is one of the effective means and the most desired action taken by the marketers to attract the customers. For an effective advertisement, creativity is very much essential, advertisements is all about creativity. Creativity also requires planning, the need to advertise, and the marketing and promotion objectives. Today the marketers are trying to capture the minds of the customers by creating an emotional appeal. The marketers are using the techniques of emotional appeal which have succeeded and customers have become more brand conscious. In the second part of the project report under the heading campaign development, an advertisement has been chosen from the Coca Cola company where the advertisements also tends to apply the technique of emotional appeal to attract the customers. Section A Section A deals with two topics one concerned with radio as a multi media opportunity and secondly on media-multiplier and simultaneous consumption of media. The brand which is chosen for radio is Pringles crisps. This section would deal with the opportunities that exist in connection with the radio and for a better understanding, one of the radio station of UK would be analysed. And in case of simultaneous use of media a term known as media stacking has been explained and it has been said that the simultaneous use of media has been proving to be an advantage for the people as well as for the marketers. Radio as a multi-media opportunity Pringles crisps are considering the use of radio for the next campaign. Pringles a brand of Procter and Gamble (Pringles, 2011) have decided to introduce radio as a means of communication in their new campaign in UK. For an effective media it is necessary to target the right audience and the right means of communication. It has been rightly said that novelty is the key to an effective advertising. Novelty in media, message, product, target segment and especially in the fields of creativity is more likely to increase the sale. Another factor that would lead to success is the emotional advertisements which are more likely to appeal more to the customers. Emotional appeal is the most effective means in advertising (Tellis, 2004, p.22-23). The form of communication chosen by Pringles is radio. Radio may seem to be the least glamorous of media but the reality is that radio has been an important part of the media and forms an integral part in the media plans. Radio has some of the unique features and because of its qualities the advertisers are investing about $7billion per year in radio advertising in order to reach the local and national audience (O’Guinn, et.al, 2011, p. 485). Therefore the opportunities lies with the radio station and its audience is wide and with the help of new digital aspect, the marketers are more widely using radio as means of communication. Pringles thus have adopted the new and most famous tools of media which is radio. There are different radio options available to an advertiser to reach its target audiences. The advertisers can choose from the categories such as syndication, networks, satellite, AM versus FM and through internet and mobile. The advertisers can choose from the options and communicate the message accordingly.

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