Write 16 page essay on the topic Reflective Communication Audit.Download file to see previous pages… It determines what is working well, what is not, and what might work better if adjustments are ma

Write 16 page essay on the topic Reflective Communication Audit.

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It determines what is working well, what is not, and what might work better if adjustments are made”. An organization communicates with its stakeholders and public in variety of situations. The strategy of the company in respect of all manners of communication, oral, written or actions needs to be designed to convey its philosophy and values to the stakeholders and public. The purpose of this study is to reflect upon and analyse the communication practices, processes and issues that are evident in TESCO, which is the third largest retail chain in the worth with its head quarters in the UK. Organisational background Started as grocery retail in the UK, TESCO has transformed into a multinational company over the period of time, with retailing in clothing, furniture, electronic goods and many other goods including petrol which are regularly bought by households or businesses. It has also entered into financial services, software and telecom. The company is listed in LSE and included in FTSE 100 Index. Therefore, communication in such a geographically and functionally diversified company needs to be structured to achieve the objectives or goals with limited misunderstanding and conflicts. The slogan “The Tesco Way” seeks to portray the manner in which the company wants the public to remember its philosophy and values, and in a sense, it is a message to the public. The company’s innovations like installation of camera and self-service tills in the stores could be considered as reactions in tune with the technological developments. Also, these changes communicate a message to the customers about TESCO’s desire to improve the level of service. The Balanced-scorecard system implemented in TESCO unites the group’s resources at all levels. Communication audit would be useful and effective in monitoring of the operations including risk management on a balanced basis in relation to various divisions and the stakeholders could be augmented. According to the TESCO’s website, the&nbsp.‘Vision’&nbsp.is for Tesco to be: Most highly valued by the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate, our loyal and committed staff and our shareholders A growth company A modern and innovative company Winning locally, applying our skills globally This vision statement and one of its stated strategies ‘to put our responsibilities to the communities we serve at the heart of what we do’ seeks to communicate its commitment to its stakeholders which includes community as well. The intense competition in the retail sector in the UK and globally necessitates advanced planning and formulation of effective strategies in achieving its corporate objectives. The expansion of the business into new products and services calls for coordination of its various activities at all levels. It also underlines the need for an integrated communication policy for a sustained development in the long run. Communication in an organization has several dimensions and is complicated unless it is coordinated with high standards of efficiency and audited on a regular basis. Communication audit The standard of living of the people has been increasing over the period of time which results into changes in tastes and fashions and shorter product life cycle.

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