Write 3 page essay on the topic Book: the russian hill murders by shirley tallman. pick topic from this book than write on it.Download file to see previous pages… “As one of the first female attor

Write 3 page essay on the topic Book: the russian hill murders by shirley tallman. pick topic from this book than write on it.

Download file to see previous pages…

“As one of the first female attorneys in California, I’d been accepted as a junior associate in this establishment with the greatest reluctance” (Tallman 11) Her boss assigns her menial tasks, not expecting a woman to have the brains to solve proper cases. “Joseph Shepard, the senior partner at the firm, considered women attorneys incapable of performing any task more mentally stimulating than washing the dishes” (Tallman 25) Some of her coworkers belittle her too. They think that if they will not treat her equally, if they will not show her some respect, she will get flustered and quit the job. They will get back to working in an all male working environment. The concept of the female being the clever one was not common in that era. The fact that she would try to become immune to their mocking comments never came into their minds either. They were not used to be at a loss at how to deal with a woman and did not expect Woolson to be really serious about her career. “It’s clear he resents having a female attorney in his courtroom” (Tallman 238) There had never been any competition of sorts between the two sexes. They were not happy about it and made it more than clear. Though, over the time, she does manage to earn the grudging respect of a fellow co worker Robert Campbell due to her persistence and intelligence (The Russian Hill Murders 36). When Woolson gets a case and agrees to work on it, the rest of the firm is aghast. They do not approve of her decision and yet she continues to follow her own mind. She is another example of the woman who fights for her independence during the times when they had no rights whatsoever. All that was expected from them was to listen and obey every of their father, brother, husband or son’s order. They were to play the dutiful daughter and then wife, and give birth to a few children and then spend the rest of the life looking after them. Woolson’s mother expects the same from her. She insists on her daughter leaving her job and getting married instead. Fortunately, Woolson is one of those few lucky ones whose father and brother support her in whatever she is doing and so continues to be diligent with her job. The women – Woolson included – are not given much importance. She is astute enough to sniff out that the persons being imprisoned are innocent, that the case is not as simple as it seems. She is the one kind hearted enough to fight a case for a widow, open minded enough to think a Chinese to be innocent. She is against racial discrimination and is not afraid to show her opinion to everyone else. She has to work harder and longer hours just so she is successful. She believes in her clients and wants to prove them not guilty. She is the bigger person which is ironic. It is the woman working hard and not the man so why the inequality? Why the never ending prejudice when they are both, in fact, of the same standing? In the end, through sheer hard work and instinct, Woolson wins her case. She helps out the widow with her problem, the Chinese cook is proven to be guiltless and the real killer is needled out. The murderer comes to be as a great shock to everyone and it is a woman who managed to find him out. The female turns out to be the winner despite everyone predicting it to be otherwise. Tallman has written a novel revolving around murders and her heroine sets about to solve them.

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