Write 3 page essay on the topic Can Christians disagree on a moral issue.Download file to see previous pages… Moral issues can be created when an individual, a community or a firm is not in control

Write 3 page essay on the topic Can Christians disagree on a moral issue.

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Moral issues can be created when an individual, a community or a firm is not in control of all the factors that influence the choices that they make. For example, there are differences in moral values and norms accepted by the individuals who are practicing different religions. Moral issues arise as the values and norms accepted by the individuals do not comply with each other. However, an individual who is devoted to a specific religion cannot force the others in the world to accept one set of values and norms accepted by that specific religion. Therefore, Christianity which is a specific religion does not act as a barrier to arising moral issues in the society. Clearly, two Christians can have different opinions on a given moral issue. Moral code indicates that individuals have a larger role to play in the society than just chasing dollars and cents. There are various moral issues that are often viewed as controversial by different people. The main reason why people tend to disagree over certain moral issues is that they have different perceptions about their worldview. Even devoted Christians can disagree on different moral issues and there are several reasons why this trend is common because Christianity fails to create perspective that can be universally held. A devoted Christian is a person who is devoted to the teaching of Jesus Christ as written in the Bible. In my view the religious faith can discourage critical thinking on a specific moral issue. There are many disagreements regarding what is written in the Bible and who wrote them. Therefore, even the most faithful Christians can have different perception on specific moral issues. Wise people often think out of the box and view different moral issues in an analytical perspective. For instance, the same bible can be used by two Christians to defend or condemn the practice certain moral issues as they believe their own understanding on gospels as the absolute “truth.” However, is it rational to denounce perceptions of the other people just because they are different? No, it is irrational. Some devoted Christians may view critical thinking as inappropriate and readily condemn other people’s views. Therefore, two individuals can have different opinions about a specific moral issue. Some other Christians who are more open-minded can look into the same moral issue from different perspectives and consider the possibility of others’ understanding also being acceptable. In reality, different individuals in the society are enslaved by different perceptions. These perceptions are associated with the different levels of individual intellectual capacities, different enduring social experiences and differential exposure to cultural values and norms. Individuals can view their own perception as the “only” truth and haste to judge other human beings in the society. Therefore disagreements upon specific moral issues can arise between two different individuals regardless of the fact that they are both devoted to Christianity and are educated. As a point of departure, it is important to note that each person has his or her own opinions. It is important to acknowledge the fact that having different opinions is “not wrong” but is inevitable.

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