Write 3 page essay on the topic Proof.Download file to see previous pages… Proof happens to be really an extraordinary thriller that delves and elaborates on matters of heart and scholarship. The mo

Write 3 page essay on the topic Proof.

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Proof happens to be really an extraordinary thriller that delves and elaborates on matters of heart and scholarship. The movie in a vivid manner elucidates the true ingenuity of a mathematical proof and the passion and emotion that is intertwined around it (Ross, 2011, p. 57). The hallmark of the movie is that it does succeed in creating a lifelike landscape of a university campus and the action and life inherent in it. The movie delves on its theme in a simple and lucid manner, without requiring the viewer to have any knowledge of mathematics.

A Few Good Men tends to be an extraordinary movie that manages to tell a story that is both conventional and compelling, without resorting to any wastage of images or words (Valenti, 2000). The screenplay in the movie happens to be a good one that is directed with care, very much like Proof and the acting in the movie tends to commensurately support the story line. A Few Good Men indeed misses the intellectual weight of Proof, however it more than compensates for this lacking by presenting moving clashes of will marked by terrific buzz cuts. The direction of the movie is masterly that successfully manages to blend the plot and the characters to give way to a movie that really resonates with energy and passion. The crux of the movie lies in the court room drama it presents, which makes it watchable and praiseworthy. A Few Good Men has all the ingredients of a conventional Hollywood blockbuster that are an intelligent story line, loads of entertainment, and the lurking charisma of a prestigious and celebrated star cast. It goes without saying that it is very difficult to forget this movie. If Proof stands out by the dint of its emotive and intellectual capacity, if A Few Good Men comes out as a movie marked by drama, energy and passion, Chicago stands out by the worth of the incessant dazzle it accommodates that turns out to be somewhat depressing at times. The song and dance sequences in the movie rather than turning out to be spectacular actually come out as being callisthenic and too planned. The tone of the movie till the very end stands out to be facetious. Too much of razzle-dazzle in the movie may leave the audience tired and depressed, much contrary to the poignancy and focus surrounding Proof and A Few Good Men. However, each and every musical number in Chicago builds up to such a frantic scale that it may force the audience to clap. Overall the movie lacks the gravity and moral framework inherent in Proof and A Few Good Men. Hamlet is indeed an apt cinematic version of Shakespeare’s famous play. Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet is indeed compelling and handsome that brings out this tragedy emphatically alive on the screen. Though the movie may not be perfect yet it is deeply engrossing. The plot indeed manages to bring to life the vengeance, passion, blood, gore and sweat that define the original play and thereby Hamlet is indeed unlike all the movies discussed till now. Barnagh successfully manages to enter the heart of the character and thereby portrays a character that is both roving and deep and that successfully manages to hold the audience in thrall. Hamlet unlike the other movies is a movie marked by a tremendous ambition and its budget is indeed commensurately ambitious. The movie is indeed gorgeous to look at and many of the performances in the movie are really remarkable. The Full Monty indeed supersedes Proof and A Few Good Men in terms of the setting creation which is as expected happens to be the Sheffield of the nineties.

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