Write 3 page essay on the topic The Marriage of Figaro by Pierre De Beaumarchais.Download file to see previous pages… The count had earned himself a significant reputation for Liberality by eradicat

Write 3 page essay on the topic The Marriage of Figaro by Pierre De Beaumarchais.

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The count had earned himself a significant reputation for Liberality by eradicating an unfair policy, ‘the right to enjoy’ a servant bride prior to the marriage. However, he hopes to reintroduce the right through unscrupulous way. As such, the plot highlights the strife between the oppressive old social order and the rising new order. In real life situation, the conflict between those who wanted to uphold the old autocratic social order and those who wanted a change and embrace a new social order, which was one of the main causes of French revolution that was witnessed in 1790s(David and Beaumarchais 41). The plot of The marriage of Figaro and the play itself are very complicated. What the play presented as revolutionary was the consistent exhibition of the servants being morally superior and intelligent than their master, The Count. The play depicts Figaro as an individual of high ingenuity and one who struggles hard to cope with life unlike Count whom the play presents as an idler who gains superior social status as a result of being born in a well off noble family. Basing on this play, Count is made to look like a fool, which offers a critical view and questioning of the then system of the affluent and aristocratic members who controlled the French society. Beaumarchais used a comedy to critique the French society radically, a fact that had an influence in the later occurrence of French revolution (Lever and Susan 54). The then King, Louis XVI, stated that the Bastille had to be torn first if at all the play was to be considered as less dangerous to the social order. As such, Napoleon, a proponent and ruler as a result of French revolution praised the play as a key influencer of the revolution. This portrayed a fact that theatre is an important tool in enhancing political and social change. The play faced several challenges in order to pass its message to the intended audience. The play was presented to the lieutenant of the police, the Censor, who prohibited it from being exposed to the public. Further, the king followed the trend by denying the play the permission to be performed to the audience in Comedie Francais. However, the king’s action roused the interest of the audience who wanted to know its contents. This exhibit the fact that censorship of information was rampant at that time and anything that went contrary to the noble’s course was frowned upon. However, the public interest of the play display people’s quest to have the right to information without censorship, a fact that draws a big boundary between the proponents of the old order and those who supported the emerging new order (David and Beaumarchais 62). The aristocrats, whom the play satirizes, were enthusiastic to see and hear it. As such, Barmarchais was invited to offer the readings to the gatherings. The desire to view the natural performance of the play increased tremendously. In fact, Marie Antoinette, the queen invited the players to offer a secret performance in Comedie francais. As a result of the interest from the ruling class such as the Nobles and the members of the public, the King eventually lifted the ban against the play (Lever and Susan 102). In 27th April,1784,the play was presented for the first time to the public.

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