Write 3 page essay on the topic The principles of the Bauhaus and the Art Deco style of architecture.Download file to see previous pages… In 1925, the world’s most renowned and influential artists a

Write 3 page essay on the topic The principles of the Bauhaus and the Art Deco style of architecture.

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In 1925, the world’s most renowned and influential artists and architects met in Paris, at the International Exhibit of Decorative Arts and Modern Industries. The architects gathered to share ideas on the evolution of art design. The architects contributed in the architect’s modern interpretations of established designs. From this exhibition, a new style of art came up. The architect named the new art as Style Modern. The name later changed to Art Deco Style. The style used the simple bold design on material such as glass and plastic. Art deco being ornamental and beautifying used bright colors. Art deco style symbolized wealth, glamor, and complexity. Art Deco consisted of three main types: zigzag, classic modern and streamline modern.

The style involved areas of design like architecture and interior design. It also enveloped visual arts graphic arts jewelry and film. The style drew influence from Egypt and Aztec forms of architecture. The structures of art deco style are based on mathematical geometrical shapes. The styles use machine age and streamline technologies such as electric lighting. Style modern is characterized by the use of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and inlaid wood. The characteristics of deco style will include. clean lines, distinct geometric shapes, decorative features and designs with wide-ranging influences. It combines linear symmetry, staggered or tiered pyramid shapes and use of unusual deco is a versatile style and is easily integrated into a wide variety of personal styles.

The Bauhaus Gropius House in Lincoln, Massachusetts (picture dictionary of modern architecture, image 4) is an example of Bauhaus style. It is a national historic landmark in New England. Gropius Walter designed and built the house in 1938 as his family home. Gropius being the founder of Bauhaus style incorporated the philosophy of the style. The modest home is significantly white in color. It has smooth facades that express simplicity. The building is cubic in shape and the blocks are made of glass. The stare case leading upstairs is spiral and visible from outside. The house is made of simple economical steel pillars and the building has a pergola roof. The landscape surrounding the house is simple and blends in well with its environment. The use of minimal color scheme is employed in the interior. The house has furniture designed by Marcel Breuer and fabricated in the Bauhaus workshops (Panayiotis 24). The 77 storey skyscraper Chrysler Building in New York presents an Art Deco building. It was completed in 1930 and designed by architect William Van Allen. The building displays a sense of complex and elegance. The materials used in the construction such as metal and stainless steel were expensive. The Chrysler building displays distinctive ornamentation. It is tall and vertical. The floor is marble and brightly colored. The interior has stylish patterns and the lighting is superb and can use a variety of colors depending on occasion (Panayiotis 33). The two styles of architecture contrast each other. The Bauhaus style is simple. It signifies the use of locally available material. It is friendly economically. Art deco is modern, uses sophisticated styles and is expensive. It is a show of glamour and prosperity (Panayiotis 37). In conclusion, both styles are adopted because of the various features that they represent. The features are very attractive to all those that may be interested in one form of architecture or the next.

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