Write 3 page essay on the topic Use of imagery by Iago in Othello.Download file to see previous pages… The handkerchief, which Othello gives to Desdemona, his newly married wife as a gift and also t

Write 3 page essay on the topic Use of imagery by Iago in Othello.

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The handkerchief, which Othello gives to Desdemona, his newly married wife as a gift and also that covers Iago’s plans of luring Othello. The handkerchief as a symbol begins at the start of the story, marking the begging of life between Othello and Desdemona as amarried couple and it symbolizes their life together to the end of the story. which incorporates Iago’s use of imagery.

Othello inherited the handkerchief from his mother. the mother passed it to him to be given to Desdemona. The handkerchief was given to Othellos mother by an Egyptian sybl who wove it using silk worms and dyed in the mummies of maidens’ conserved hearts. The handkerchief was given to Othellos mother in assurance of her husband staying with her forever in case she kept the handkerchief with great care. In case she lost the handkerchief then her life would be unfortunate with her husband. In the begging of the story, Othello gives the handkerchief to his newly married wife, Desdemona as a sign of fidelity. Othello also related the whole story behind the handkerchief to his wife. And this same handkerchief was Iago’s target.

The handkerchief symbolizes different things according to a person. According to Othello, the handkerchief symbolizes fidelity and virginity of Desdemona. He believes in what his mother told him about the handkerchief. On the other hand, Desdemona views it as a love gift from his lover. She treasures the handkerchief because it was Othellos’ first gift to her in her marriage. Iago also sees the handkerchief as a way of getting to Othello….

She intended to bring up a fight between Brabantio and Othello. On page 13, Iago used Desdemona as the reason for the two men to fight. She uses uses the animal imagery when she tells Brabantio that he is leaving a black ram to tap his white ewe. She compared Othello to the black ram, demeaning his existence or rather insulting him and she compares the Desdemona to the white ewe to show how valuable she is. She suggested that the two did not fit each other (William, and Honigmann 127).Iago also continues to use imagery to insult the family that will behold Desdemona in case Brabantio does not take an action. She says that the4 daughters will be covered with a Barbary horse, nephews neighing, and courses for cousins and gennets for Germans. Iago tries to suggest the fact that if Brabantio does not take a swift action, the whole family will become horses. Iago indeed uses a lot of imagery in this text, he continued to make good use of imagery when Brabantio, who cannot see asks who the person talking is and she replies that she is a messenger, giving him information about his daughter and the Moor, who were making beats (William, and Honigmann 374). She compares the children that are yet to be born by Othello and Desdemona, to beasts. As if that was not enough, she continues to use vulgar language in the form of imageries throughout her speech. She also comments on Roderigo’s speech, she says that if it were her, that she had drowned her love with a guinea hen, she would change her humanity with a baboon. Iago says this to despise Desdemona and at the same time discouraging Roderigo. She also uses soliloquy. She was thinking alone, at the end of the scene, where everyone arrived in Cyprus.

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