Write 4 page essay on the topic Health Care Administrators Stakeholders Compare and Contrast.Download file to see previous pages… Health care entails provision of health services to human beings (Ed

Write 4 page essay on the topic Health Care Administrators Stakeholders Compare and Contrast.

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Health care entails provision of health services to human beings (Edwards, 2010). Having quality health care services is important for patients and in raising the reputation of hospitals. That is, this subject is highly essential in ensuring that patients get access to the best services (Edwards, 2010). However, as clarified earlier, for the hospitals to achieve this goal, its leaders have to play a huge role in the daily operations of hospitals. It is worth noting that different health care stakeholders in hospital administration share different competing visions, which bring in a subject of great concern in the standards at different hospitals (Edwards, 2010). One of the subjects that the administrators have varied sets of views about is on health care insurance reforms particularly. These reforms are very important in reducing the amount of charity care and Medicaid expenses (Edwards, 2010). The president of the Center for Studying Health System Change, Mr. Ginsburg indicates that there is variable uncertainty on the expected hospital reforms. That is, it is unfeasible to have a simple and fast reform on insurance of health care. Additionally, he says that the aforementioned reforms will vary from state to state and that there are great chances of hospitals experiencing high growth in number of patients that go for Medicaid (Edwards, 2010). However, Ginsburg goes ahead to pointing out that, sooner rather than later, hospitals are going to face significant changes in delivery of care. Precisely, he warns that, with better coordination of care, then, there is a very good chance for hospital care to undergo a decline in the near future (Edwards, 2010). On the other hand, the president and chief executive officer of the American Hospital Association, Umbdenstock’s standing point on the same subject is that, the reforms will aid in accelerating the improved coordination of care. However, the major worry according to him is on whether health care delivery can supply access for the newly insured Americans so that they can benefit from the care at the right place and time (Edwards, 2010). Umbdenstock clarifies that hospitals have highly advanced delivery systems and electronic medical records, which are very crucial in implementation of the insurance reforms (Edwards, 2010). He ascertains that hospitals should not wait for the health insurance reformation projects to develop, instead, they should build out some capabilities that will aid them to adapt into those projects (Edwards, 2010). Ginsburg concurs with this notion and says that it is important for hospital administrators to get a head start and find ways that will aid in meeting the demand for hospitalization of the newly insured people. It is vital to note that there a significant number of areas where the respective stakeholders in health care share conflicting visions. One of these areas is on financing of the health care reform project where Kirkpatrick laments the reduction of the finances from 71 cents before the reforms to the current values of 69 cents on the dollar (Edwards, 2010). In contrast, Ginsburg seems to reside with the current finance offered by the federal government. He says that the country’s fiscal outlook is grim to a state where it is foolish for one to think that public spending on health care will be insulated from it (Edwards, 2010).

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