Write 4 page essay on the topic Natural Disasters.Download file to see previous pages… Another factor that greatly increases the relevance of this topic is the trends of recurring terrorist activiti

Write 4 page essay on the topic Natural Disasters.

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Another factor that greatly increases the relevance of this topic is the trends of recurring terrorist activities that have recently been affecting the state of affairs in several countries across the world, thus making things further difficult for these countries. Thus, it would help them to learn more about this disaster. about how it occurs, the reasons for its occurrence and how it can be controlled or prevented (such as accurate security measures that a state can take). Furthermore, it would also teach individuals how to avoid such disasters from affecting their lives, by teaching them to cope with its affects as well as distance themselves from areas where such acts of violence and terror are likely to occur. Annotated Bibliography Bowen, N. (2008). Terrorism and homeland security:&nbsp.thinking strategically about policy. CRC Press/Taylor &amp. Francis Group. This book provides a large amount of information about tackling terrorism threats. It underlines several common strategies, which governments employ when seeking to eliminate the occurrence of terrorism in the country. These include the large part the military plays in such matters, international relations, and the contributions of security experts. Apart from this, the book also addresses issues such as civil liberties, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear terrorism, diplomacy vs. military dictatorship and several other issues which homeland security revolves around in relation to terrorism. Thus, this book would provide a valuable insight into the workings of the government when it seeks to tackle the problem of terrorism, which would assist the purpose of this research. Combs, C. C. (2010). Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century. Prentice Hall. This source provides a more relevant and current perspective about the concept of terrorism, about how it exists and functions in the twenty-first century. It highlights the trends that terrorism follows today, as well as the responses different stakeholders have to it. In addition, it contains the most recent data and statistics and several case studies analyzing this fabricated disaster, thus making it a valuable source of information for the research. Downing, D. (2007). The Debate about Terrorist Tactics. The Rosen Publishing Group. This book presents the currently ongoing debate about terrorist tactics. It focuses mainly on how these tactics differ greatly when one compares the wartime tactics to the ones employed in peacetime. It also explores the significance of terrorism in the present century. Durmaz, H. (2007). Understanding and responding to terrorism. IOS Press. This book provides a valuable source of information about terrorism, which is most relevant to individual users of our research, who seek to learn more about the effects of terrorism so that they are able to keep their families safe from the harm of such disasters. It elaborates on how terrorism affects the victims, the after effects and the trauma associated with it. Finally, it explores how one can counter such influences. June, D. L. (2010). Terrorism and Homeland Security: Perspectives, Thoughts, and Opinions. Taylor and Francis. This source has a unique contribution to offer to the research. This book contains the translated version of a copy of a captured Al-Qaeda manual, which it explores in depth in one of its chapters. This is a valuable insight into the workings of a terrorist’s mind, as reveals what the Taliban are programmed to believe and act upon.

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