Write 4 page essay on the topic Public Health.Download file to see previous pages… Public health also alleviates human suffering, and is practiced by a variety of professionals in the field. As a fi

Write 4 page essay on the topic Public Health.

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Public health also alleviates human suffering, and is practiced by a variety of professionals in the field. As a field of study, I have gained vast knowledge on public health, including all the aspects of public health, and policy and practice. Therefore, this has prepared me to undertake practical tasks in the field, where I will perform effectively, considering the amount and quality of knowledge I have gathered in this course. Through learning this course, I have realized that there are many challenges that face public health today. Therefore, as a professional and leader in this field, I have to contribute to the development of solutions to the challenges. Therefore, learning this course has increased my understanding of the complex challenges, which professionals in the field of public health are faced with. Times have changed, and so have the challenges in Public Health. These are evolving, and becoming more complex. Three major factors are responsible for the changing the nature of health threats today. These include demographic transition, which occur because of urbanization and ageing, epidemiological transitions, and compromised physiology. In addition, financial insufficiencies have hindered the effective implementation of most public health initiatives. Furthermore, it is challenging for public health practitioners to achieve the desired influence in society, since the main ethos of public health. prevention, is undervalued in society, basing on its invisible benefits. Communication is another major challenge in public health, as the field is highly involved in the education of the public. Finally, because of globalization, public health professionals are expected to adopt a global thinking by local action (Pomerleau &amp. McKee, 2005). Therefore, the aspect of intercultural communication is core to public health, and professionals in this field. Like other any workplace, the field of public health also faces considerable issues at the workplace. These vary in nature, and might involve the company itself or its employees. Therefore, as a leader, it is important to develop strategies that can help in addressing the emerging complex issues. There are various strategies, which managers at the workplace can employ to address workplace issues. The most important strategy is for managers to develop an open-door policy for employees. In this case, employees will consider the manager approachable, thus will feel free to report any pressing issue they experience. Secondly, it is important for a manager to address problems or issues immediately they occur, instead of leaving them unaddressed. Furthermore, fairness at the workplace is of great importance. The culture of fairness helps to prevent major problems, which would have occurred at the workplace. Above all, communication is key, therefore, managers should foster effective communication with employees, as this helps to cut down on difficult situations. In order to increase efficiency at the workplace, as a manager, I must push for the adoption of effective information technology. Today, the technology is highly advanced, and has increased efficiency and performance of tasks. Therefore, present public health managers have a role of ensuring that new technology is adopted at the workplace.&nbsp.

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