Write 4 page essay on the topic Relationship between life experiences and mind development.Download file to see previous pages… Manipulation of the mother during pregnancy, through drugs and alcohol

Write 4 page essay on the topic Relationship between life experiences and mind development.

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Manipulation of the mother during pregnancy, through drugs and alcohol do not affect the state of the mind. Early in its life infant’s mind is not fully developed, even as a child the infant is still dependent on someone this may be the mother, father, sister, brother or any adult responsible for the child (Sanga 9). Locke’s theory is therefore true because a child’s mind is yet to be manipulated by anything, thus tabula rasa. It is also true that, the life experiences a child faces while growing up will determine the character and personality of the child. Education is considered to have a major influence on the mind of a child. Additionally, different types of people also assist to influence the personal nature of a person (Cohen 25). The experiences one goes through, because of the impact of his educational process, social relationships with different people, and the interaction of the individual with the environments determine the scene of his life, hence establishing individuality (Sanga 13). Experiences do not only include events that may take place, but also anything, that arouses emotions or stimulate a feeling of reaction in a person. Experiences can vary from real events or physically involving deeds, to unresponsive objects or solid details, and even other people. As long as occurrence results a person to question, assess or come to some sought of conclusion about it, and he thus intentionally or subconsciously obligates it to memory it is totally an experience (Gintis 377). Therefore experience can be termed as anything that takes place to a person. this includes anything that is seen, felt or lived through. All the occurrences good or bad add up to a person’s experiences called the “frame of references”. Therefore, a person who is influenced and dependent on other people is not considered responsible until the individual becomes knowledgeable which is experience when an individual enters into the system of education (Cohen 31). To educate can also be defined as to instruct or guide someone both mentally and morally. In time, children get older and engage in the system of education. A number of a child’s experiences will take place in school, or occur because of being in school. Children normally face diverse challenges in school thus determining their character. Schools are accountable for instigating self-responsibility (Reuben 34). For instance, students as they are continually faced with challenges relating to themselves in the world will experience the challenge and they would like to react on those challenges. Therefore, they tend to go deeper in thinking to formulate ways to tackle the challenges. The reaction to the new challenges, followed by new comprehension results to students regarding themselves as committed. Educational experiences therefore are responsible for shaping the individual’s future character. Social relationships or the people one interacts with in life also assist in shaping the individual. Both positive and negative experiences as a consequence of the impact of diverse interactions or relationships can determine whether the individual will become a good or a bad person, timid or bold, confident or different or even successful or not. The question as to what, how, and why different people influence and shape a child’s intellect is still difficult to answer. This is because the minds of any two children are always different and cannot be obsolete. This is because the difference in character between individuals gives diverse role models.

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